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Welcome to the developer hub for the Transactive Gateway, your web-based electronic payment processing solution.

Transactive Gateway is secure, efficient, hassle-free, and currently supports the following types of payment processing:

Euro Zone Credits (Send and Receive)

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Transactive supports a range of electronic payment types and services

What We Offer

  • UK Immediate (Send and Receive) - including to/from Euro Zone

Coming soon (4th Quarter 2018):

  • Euro Zone Credits (Send and Receive)
  • Euro Zone Debits
  • Euro Zone Immediate (Send and Receive)

How It Works


  • Provide you with one or more virtual bank accounts, each with their own unique IBAN


  • Load your virtual bank account(s) with sufficient funds to cover anticipated payments and fees
  • Tell us which payment-related events you want to hear about automatically (optional)
  • Process payments
    • Outbound - send funds to payees from your account(s)
    • Inbound - accept funds from payors into your account(s) from their non-Transactive accounts

Try Us Out

Register now to access the Transactive Sandbox environment.

We'll give you:

  • two Transactive virtual bank accounts, each pre-funded with a nominal amount of GBP
  • an API key with which to securely test sending payments (between your two Transactive accounts)

Payments made using the sandbox system will be charged at a demo rate that will allow you to send hundreds of sample payments. If you run through all the test funds, let us know and we'll top you up.


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